Our Story

Swideo℠ was created by two brothers, Max and David Raikes.

They heard of so many terrible stories of single friends, both male and female, using dating apps where they were being catfished or strung along by predators posing as people that they really were not. They always knew the dating scene can be tough. Meeting someone out at a bar or event based all through text messages can be difficult and discouraging, especially having never met the person on the other side of the screen.

Answering the Question

So basically, the Raikes brothers decided they wanted to figure out how singles break the ice easier while putting a stop to fake profiles and misleading scammers. They discovered that video calling is a screening technique that singles could use and now meet face to face.

With this, the user can then later decide if they want to meet in person, instead of jumping to conclusions off of just pictures and messages that could be potentially fake.


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