How It Works

How to Match

Matching is simple and easy! All you do is swipe to the left to pass and swipe to the right to like your potential matches. Simple right?

Your matches will be based on your likes, interests and location. Going away for the weekend? You can even set your location prior to leaving to get matches in the area you are traveling to.

Pick the Date & Time

Setting up a time to call is quick and easy. If you receive a match, you get to call the shots. Select up to 3 "swideos" by choosing the times and dates you want to talk. Your match will then choose a time or reschedule.

Face to Face

Swideo℠ makes breaking the ice and the first date much easier. 15 minutes before your scheduled call you and your match will receive an alert to start the call. You now have 5 minutes to talk about anything your hearts desire.

Afraid your "swideo" is gonna end?

No worries, you will receive a 1 minute and 30 second notices that the call is about to end. Talk about starting up another call, or if you feel it doesn't work out, you can politely decline to talk any further. No excuses, lies or commitments. 

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